Why is Max packaged in a tin can?

Often, we are asked why our mints are packaged in cans. We do this for good reason. Wondering why? Continue reading and you’ll find out…


How is tin recycled? 

Empty cans can be disposed of with the other household waste in the waste bin. The waste then goes to a waste processing installation where all the waste is incinerated. Because steel and aluminum are not flammable, the metal from the tin can remains in the ash. The metals are removed from the combustion residues with big magnets. The removed metal is then melted again, and new products are made from this. The advantage of tin is that it can be recycled infinitely without the quality of it decreasing. Thanks to the magnets, up to 95% of all tin waste of the households can be reused. In fact, 75% of all the aluminum ever produced is still in circulation (Nedvang, 2020)! 


How is tin made? 

Tin can be made in different ways. The molten metal can be rolled out by cold or hot pressing. The pressed metal is then given a coating to protect it, depending on the purposes of the can. After this, the packaging is made according to the wishes of the client (Hildering Packaging BV, 2020).


Baby steps

So, for now, tin can package is one of the most sustainable options for us. In the future, we would like to produce even more sustainable packaging, such as refill packaging, but we can’t do everything at once ;)! Step by step we hope to leave the world a little bit better behind! 


Mint you soon!