Why are Max’s Mints organic (and better)?

Imagine you are in a supermarket/hip lunch place/gas station or the Bijenkorf, and there you see us for the first time: Max’s Organic Mints. In a split second you make your judgment: new, unknown, looks nice and organic. Huh? Organic? Is that possible with mints? And why is that important?


I can very well imagine that these kinds of questions will arise with you. Mints are not the first product that comes to mind when thinking about organic. That doesn’t mean that it’s not important! That’s why I’m glad to explain to you why Max’s Mints are organic and why we think that is important.


What makes a product organic?

  • If a product has an organic quality mark, it means that no synthetic (artificial) pesticides are used within the main ingredients of the product.
  • In order to obtain an organic quality mark, the product must consist of at least 95% organic ingredients.
  • There are four international core values ​​from which biological development has been established *:
    1. Health: both for humans as our ecosystems. For this reason, organic fertilizers, veterinary medicines, and additives that could have health effects are avoided as much as possible.
    2. Ecology: organic production must contribute to the protection and improvement of the common living environment, in terms of landscape, climate, habitats, biodiversity, air, and water.
    3. Fairness: how we treat humans and animals.
    4. Care: How do we ensure that we treat the earth with care?


Max’s organic Mints

Now that you know what organic means, I can explain easily why we have chosen to make organic mints and why I believe that it’s really better.

Max’s Mints are made from organic sugars; corn syrup and dextrose. These sugars are grown in Austria under biological conditions, meaning without burdening the ecosystem with synthetic pesticides. In this way, the biodiversity of the country remains better safeguarded, and the groundwater is not polluted.


Because a lot of our ingredients are grown in Austria means that we don’t have to worry about the conditions of the farm workers. After all, these kinds of problems do not (or hardly) play a role in the EU. Nice bonus!


Max’s flavorings are not (always) organic at the moment, but we are working on that! Fortunately, these non-organic flavorings concern such a small amount in the product that it’s almost not worth mentioning it. By the way, the flavorings (such as lemon extract and eucalyptus oil) are of course always 100% natural.


Mint you soon!
Floor (Max’s sister)


PS. You don’t have to buy Max’s Mints just because they are organic. We would prefer you to take Max’s Mints with you because you like them and that the organic part is a nice extra!


* Source Bionext. If you want to know more about organic, take a look here!


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