Why are Max’s Mints organic (and better)?

Imagine you are in a supermarket/hip lunch place/gas station or the Bijenkorf, and there you see us for the first time: Max’s Organic Mints. In a split second you make your judgment: new, unknown, looks nice and organic. Huh? Organic? Is that possible with mints?

Bit by bit a better world

Max's Mints were created for a reason, or rather: with a mission. We want to 'leave the world a little better behind than how we found it'. But what does 'a better world' mean? Everyone has a different opinion, but in this blog post, we'll

Biological/organic/etc., what is the difference?

As you might have heard us say before, are our mints: organic, 100% natural, vegan and free of allergens. But what is the difference between them and don't we just say the same thing 4 times? Below we explain the differences. Biological Biological stands for the way