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Bit by bit a better world

Max’s Mints were created for a reason, or rather: with a mission. We want to ‘leave the world a little better behind than how we found it‘. But what does ‘a better world’ mean? Everyone has a different opinion, but in this blog post, we’ll you all about ours!


In Max’s Mints case ‘a better world’ means the following:

  • Max is made from corn sugar and dextrose that are organically grown, so without the use of chemical pesticides. This is better for the soil quality, and also for the biodiversity of the land on which Max is grown. For more information about why Max’s Mints are organic, take a look at our blog post
    Why are Max’s Mints organic (and better)?‘.
  • In Max, you’ll find no stabilizers, gelatin, or other chemical additives to make the product more durable or shinier.
  • Max is flavored with natural and as much as possible organic flavor extracts. For example lemon extract and eucalyptus oil.
  • Our mints are packed in sheltered employment. People with a distance to the labor market work here in order to reduce that distance by the valuable work they do and by the guidance in their talent development.


And is that enough for “a better world”?

No, it isn’t. Yet! It is a step in the right direction. Of course, there is always room for improvement! That is why are investigating which steps we can take, to achieve this. For example planting trees as compensation for the CO2 footprint that Max leaves behind, working paperless, coming up with a solution how we can collect and reuse Max’s cans and other needed measures. If you have a suggestion for us, please let us know!


What about organic?

Organic food is not “the holy grail.” Meaning that if you eat meat every day, the earth doesn’t thank you for it. Whether the meat is organic or not :). There are also quite a few different opinions about organic production because the yield of organic land is lower than land that is intensively cultivated. And so fewer people can be fed with more land. Nevertheless, scientists agree on two important things:

  • Growing without the use of synthetic pesticides ensures better soil quality. This way, our earth is no longer getting polluted by pesticides produced in factories. Because the soil can’t break down all these pesticides it sometimes ends up in our water, and this is not ok!
  • Intensive agriculture always happens in a ‘monoculture’ way, this means that only 1 type of crop is grown on a piece of land, often for as long as the land is exhausted. Organic farming takes biodiversity into account, with different crops on a piece of land together ensuring that the land remains in good condition.


Mint you soon!
Floor (Max’s sister)

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