10 tips how to live more sustainable

Because we from Max’s Mints believe that “many small choices can make a big difference together”, we have written down a number of small, sustainable, tips that can hopefully make a big difference together! 

  1. Washable cotton pads. This means less waste and you can easily wash them with the rest of the laundry. For example, click on this link
  2. Take a bag (with fruit and vegetable bags) to the supermarket. Saves money and plastic. Win-win right? For example, click on this link or even better: make your own.
  3. Reuse a water bottle. Always bring your own water bottle. It saves a lot of plastic! For example, click on this link.
  4. Steel straws. Plastic straws are often too small to be recycled and end up on the beach or in the stomach of animals. Steel straws are a small step in the right direction. For example, click on this link
  5. Walk or bike! Are the distances too large? Go by train (largely electric) or use carpool. 
  6. Sustainable washing and cleaning products. Not only better for the objects you clean but is also biodegradable. For example, click on this link or this one
  7. Compensate your CO2 emission if you are going to fly. There are a lot of websites with which you can plant a number of trees in order to reduce your CO2 emissions. For example, click on this link
  8. Have you seen a nice book that you would like to read? First, check the library! 
  9. Cold winter days? Take a nice cup of hot tea and put a blanket around yourself and turn the heating slightly colder. 
  10. Does it take long before the tap gets warm? Collect the water before it gets hot and water your plants with it. 

Do you have any nice tips for us? Let us know!