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Nice to mint you!

Max’s Mints makes organic and 100% natural mints in the 6 incredibly tasty flavors: Menthol, Spearmint, Lemon, Ginger, Liquorice and Coffee. A snack that’s not only better for yourself, but also a little bit better for the world. Because many small choices together make a big difference!

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Fun, full of flavour and future proof!

Max’s Mints are mints on a mission. That’s why Max does things a little different. We like to surprise you with other flavors than just peppermint. We also look different than most mints. But more importantly: we are made differently. Our mints consist out of nothing but the best organic, vegan and 100% natural ingredients that are packaged in sheltered employment in infinitely recyclable cans. In our opinion very logical. We make a snack that not only tastes incredibly good but also looks very good and that is good for our planet.

More about Max

  • What is FSC certified paper?

    Our mints are always packed with a luxury paper. This is not only to protect the mints but also to have more communication space. The paper that we use is FSC certified. But why do we use FSC certified paper instead of normal paper? Read......

  • Floor op het kantoor van Max's Mints

    Max’s Mints startup of the week

    Max’s Mints was the startup of the week and was previously interviewed by Sprout. Read the interview below!   Daughter Floor (31) and father Pieter van der Steen (63) make the peppermint market more sustainable. With the startup of the Week Max’s Mints, they already......

  • Why is Max packaged in a tin can?

    Often, we are asked why our mints are packaged in cans. We do this for good reason. Wondering why? Continue reading and you’ll find out…   How is tin recycled?  Empty cans can be disposed of with the other household waste in the waste bin.......